Benefits of e-PCP (e-Procurement Certification Programme)

What is the Program Objective

  • Recognize the influence of research on the procurement and to make you the most dependable asset for self, company, stakeholders and investors
  • Become familiar with the influence procurement technologies in this domain
  • To Develop and get appreciations from Industry experts that would expose an individual to the outer world which in return would give you lucrative chances to work with those experts and groom self and gain expertise in the professional terms.
  • Promote meaningful and practical applications of the content of other subject matter areas, such as Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics.
  • Provide guidance regarding the opportunities in occupations requiring knowledge in Procurement which is directly proportional to you being the next leader in Procurement domain
  • Assist present and prospective employees in Procurement and Supply chain sector to improve their efficiency.
  • With This Programee you would be awarded with a certification from one of the most renowned company in e-Procurement across globe.
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Why Is Certification Necessary

  1. Job retention
    • Organizations are laying off employees at alarming levels
    • When faced with difficult personnel decisions, organizations generally try to retain the most skillful and knowledgeable employees
    • Certified professonals have a credible advantage over their colleagues. While holding a certification can guarantee against being laid off, the more education, expertise, and skills the more you can demonstrate the better.
  2. Salary maintenance
    • Many organizations in city and state governments in particular are asking employees to accept salary reductions
    • Whereas employees or staff may have grumbled over a scant four or five percent salary increase a few years ago, today many are being asked to cut their compensation by those amounts.
    • Holding current certification may guarantee you won't face salary reductions. But possessing specific certifications and other accreditations often qualifies employees for higher pay grades
    • Hence when forced to accept a salary reduction, you're more likely to be earning more than your non-certified colleagues.
  3. Hiring and Promotion Eligibility
    • Despite the economic downturn, some companies are still hiring. Others are actively promoting from within. Recent headlines prove medical facilities, health insurance companies, manufacturers, and procurement based companies are among others who continue expansion efforts
    • Significant competition exists for these open positions. With unemployment exceeding , a number expected to grow in 2013, Demand for good jobs and professionals will only increase.
    • If your resume is bolstered by new and timely certifications, you'll gain an advantage over others applying for the same role.
    • In cases where two otherwise equal candidates are competing for the same lucrative job offer, one applicant's certifications could prove the deciding factor. Certification may even be required to apply for the position.
  4. Career Improvement
    • Many professionals feel they've done all they can do as a support executives or purchase leads or managers.
    • They may be working in positions where they'll receive no additional responsibilities, payouts, or challenges unless they move up the next company or some big multinational company
    • This certification can certainly open the door to such promotions. By completing an auction project and proving command of the fundamentals by earning a certification, an professional can demonstrate initiative and expertise in an effort to win a project management promotion.
  5. Next Gen- Certifications increases relevance
    • Certifications are receiving a boost from considerable reworking. Many organizations, are revamping and redesigning exams and instructional initiatives to help their employees grow Into the specific domain
    • This certification is aimed at helping organizations meet specific staffing needs that would help individual to measure his own skill, knowledge and expertise deploying in various procurement platforms
    • To keep these new-generation certifications relevant. Companies are expiring new credentials when mainstream support for the corresponding technology platforms is retired.
    • Those changes, combined with the introduction of such certifications programs boosts the confidence of the professional to perform at their level best.
  6. Organizations are becoming more discriminative
    • As modern days organizations are becoming more choosy and more selective, This certification could give you an extra edge against all the odds.
    • An Career Consult can also take this program as an help to guide his candidates and make them ready for the new challenges.
    • All clients are more closely guarding expenses and becoming more discerning, organizations needing to outsource procurement services and support.
    • Companies would ensure the firms and technicians they hire are competent. This certifications are a great method for consultants to demonstrate their skill, knowledge, and expertise to potential clients.
  7. Organizations mostly look for cost reductions
    • When sales or funding levels dive, reducing operating costs becomes critical. During periods of recession, organizations are obligated to maximize efficiency. As a result, productivity and quality requirements become greater for each professional.
    • This certification can be a proven method for leveraging an organization's salary expenses.
    • By ensuring that professionals have specific skills via training and certification programs, whether those skills target procurement or supply chain organizations know that this certification efforts help maximize ROI (Return on Investment).
    • A Confidential Marketing group study published revealed certifications enabled organizations can reduce expenses, identify knowledge gaps, and improve productivity.
    • In addition, certifications proved helpful in improving uptime and a stop brake to reducing turnover.
  8. Confidence can prove handy at turbulent times and can save your career crash
    • If nothing else, during periods of stress and upheaval, This type of certifications helps to have confidence.
    • Professionals can leverage certifications to know they have taken sensible steps to keep skills current and make yourself an attractive employee, both to your current employer and to prospective hiring managers.
    • Some 75 percent of professionals responding to the survey of various certifications made them more attractive to employers, while 84 percent believe they now have the skills necessary to fulfill a job's requirements.
    • Further, some 93% agreed or strongly agreed that stakeholders felt they are in good hands when working with them, due in part to their certifications.