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e-Procurement Certification Programee for the Professionals and Graduates (e-PCP Course)

Are you a purchasing and supply management professional or are you a graduate?
  • Who is tired of being paid less than you're worth?
  • Who is annoyed that you don't get the respect and recognition you deserve?
  • Who is frustrated because there is so few good purchasing job opportunities, yet so much competition for them?
  • Who is afraid that your skills aren't valued as much as those of the fresh-out-of-college MBA's who everyone is hiring?
  • Who wants to make their career in recession free industry which is Procurement?
  • Who wants to have another feather in a cap?

Now there is good news! You can learn required skills, strategies, and credentials to become a world-class purchasing professional.

What is the secret to a rewarding purchasing career? It is participating in the multi-level online auctions which help them in finding great jobs, getting excellent performance evaluations, and getting large pay increases. And, with the online convenience and multiple options of Certification programs, you can too!

  • Who should become certified eProcurement Professional (e-PCP+)?

    If you are procurement professional or aspire to be one than this is a must have certificate under your belt. As sourcing has become a strategic function in all organizations, sourcing locally does not make sense. Sourcing successfully source from across the nation/globe you need eProcurement tools and this programme aims to make you an expert in the same domain.

  • What all is covered under this programme?

    Under this programme we offer 8 certificates covering the entire Auctions and Supplier Management. You can aim for the following certificates;

    • Reverse Auction
    • Forward Auction
    • e-Tendering

  • What is minimum qualification requirement to pursue this course?

    This course is ideal for those who are Fresh Graduates or who are already involved in procurement activity and are working for either Government or Private sector companies. There is no age or gender bar for existing procurement professionals. Even those who aspire to become a successfully procurement professional can apply. In case you are a student than the minimum age should be 21 years and minimum qualification is Graduate in any discipline.

  • Who is offering this course?

    e-Procurement Technologies Limited (ETL) is an ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified end to end spend management solution provider to 100's of Government & Private Sector companies across the world. ETL has so for enable more than 100,000 eProcurement transactions and trained 100,000+ users across the world. It also has an exhaustive database of more than 1 Million Suppliers. e-Procurement Technologies Limited (ETL) has come up with an Initiative to expand the knowledge of e-Procurement among the Individuals as an CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) named E-Procure Academy

  • What is the course duration?

    Minimum Time given to complete any one certificate is depending on individual. The knowledge will be imparted using online tutorials, one to one online teaching, access to procurement tools, and practical exams. Our focus is on imparting practical training that is useful in day to day business rather than preaching global case studies in procurement. You are expected to become well versed with concept, and become proficient in using the procurement tools such that you can use this knowledge in your day to day business.

  • What is the certification fee?

    The certification fee depends on which certificate you wish to acquire because of the given complexities between two courses. You can opt for all certificate or select few that will help you overcome your current procurement challenges.

  • I am interested, how to get started?

    Please fill in the registration form and our program manager will get in touch with you. Alternatively you can email is on or call Mr. Tejas Parikh on +91 99042 28700. We recommend that you first register, click here.

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